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I came upon a few shindig wheelers this weekend, real nice folks & it was great to meet was a little defensive, but I understand where he's coming from. Like we were discussing, I'm not fussing about the opening of the trail, I'm glad to see it. My frustration is that I can't continue to run it as I've done for many years, till now...I'm really over & have accepted it, BUT

IMO, It's just the lack of judgement by whomever made the decisions on setting these limits on a public trail. An example was given that if they had made the limitation to meet my jeeps requirements (78" @ 6 psi x 100") then what would the next guy have to say who was at (80"x112").

My thoughts were that we should have the choice...& again what if some one got into the trail and were trapped between trees, due to being to large? What does one do then?

After giving this some additional thought, I'd have to make the effort & sacrifice of my jeep to pull it through the obstacle w/out cutting trees or damaging the terrain, to lessen the impact on the trail for other would be my choice to put myself in that situation.

The primary reason for these limitations is to prevent the widening & abuse of the trail. It's already happening, what's being done to prevent this? I understand the previous post about tire pressures, as I've asked the same question?

Good discussions, we could've continued our conversation, but we were out enjoying OUR hobby so we moved on. Sorry for being so long winded, this could go on, but I'm done...again it was a pleasure meeting you shindig wheelers this past weekend, hope to see you again
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