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Default New trail building philosophy?

I think there should be all types of trails for all types of vehicles.

Realistically, this is the only trail that the short/narrow folks have to play on. Good for them...they fought long & hard to get it opened back up.

Let's let them enjoy it.

I myself am interested in a different type of trail, ledges, offcamber, lockers required, body damage expected, better bring some spare parts, if you didn't almost roll you're doing it wrong. You know...the good stuff.

The Quack Attack trail looks fun, the improvements to Rainier Vista @ Elbe are a good start, I hear there is talk of a rock garden at Rimrock, there are efforts underway to create a rock area at Walker, Tillamook has the Crushers, Ground Hog Rock Pit looks awesome, I hear talk of some badass rock trails being planned at Reiter...even some shotcrete stuff

This is exciting to me, but I have already heard whispers that the trails are being built too extreme, too difficult, or that some of the trails have morphed into something they are not equipped to conquer.

I'd ask everyone to work together & support all efforts to build new trails or improve old/existing systems. Times are changing, but we still need to remember where we started.

What I am trying to say is, we shouldn't expect to be able to take our "wider" rigs on every single trail in the PNW...just like the old timers (for lack of a better term) shouldn't expect to be able to navigate every trail in the PNW with 31" tires, short wheel base & no lockers.

It's only fair
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