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Originally Posted by dirk View Post

The Quack Attack trail looks fun, the improvements to Rainier Vista @ Elbe are a good start, I hear there is talk of a rock garden at Rimrock, there are efforts underway to create a rock area at Walker, Tillamook has the Crushers, Ground Hog Rock Pit looks awesome, I hear talk of some badass rock trails being planned at Reiter...even some shotcrete stuff

This is exciting to me, but I have already heard whispers that the trails are being built too extreme, too difficult, or that some of the trails have morphed into something they are not equipped to conquer.

I'd ask everyone to work together & support all efforts to build new trails or improve old/existing systems. Times are changing, but we still need to remember where we started.

What I am trying to say is, we shouldn't expect to be able to take our "wider" rigs on every single trail in the PNW...just like the old timers (for lack of a better term) shouldn't expect to be able to navigate every trail in the PNW with 31" tires, short wheel base & no lockers.

It's only fair

But whats going to stop the "old timers" from trying to run these new harder trails that are being built? Are they going to put in a minimum tire size requirement? And if so what will be the penalty if they try to run it anyways? Really there is going to be nothing to stop them from trying to run them except for there own personal judgement. And whats to say they will have better judgement than myself or anyone else for that matter? Is it because there "old timers" and they know right from wrong and can read a trail better than anyone else? Remember, even with there great judgement the "old timers" were cutting illegal trails and getting trails shut down long before alot of the younger wheelers that are out today even had there drivers license

Or what they do run these harder trails and have to stack rocks and do not put them back winch alot , break parts and cause a huge bottle neck on the trail, then what? Probably nothing more than some people being upset at them and maybe getting into a yelling match. BUT if I run the little rattlesnake at trail pressure and cause NO damage to the trail but forrest service is waiting at the end with a tape measure I can get a $5000 fine and possible jail time for having a 1/2" too much of rubber on either side sticking out

So really the "old Timers" can run or at least try to run ANY trail so I wont buy into this "they should get there own private trail"

But dont get me wrong, I DO believe in trail restrictions. I just thing they should come in the form of well built "gate keepers" that give an actual representation of the trail. If you cant get through the gate keeper then you wont be on the trail. Personally if the "gate keeper" might damage my rig then I probably wont want to go on the trail. I also think that would look better for the off road community in the sense that instead of reading about another offroader getting caught on such and such trail for being too wide, we may be reading about how the trails are in great shape and the "gate keepers" are doing there job.
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