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Default Rimrock Rollover

Several of us from Deschutes County 4-Wheelers and a couple from Arizona spent last week playing with some of the Shindig Wheelers up at Rimrock. It was a fantastic week and everyone had a blast. Sid is an excellent trail boss and tour guide.

On the last day, one of our group committed a serious driver error and rolled endover once and then rolled twice on his side. He hit the brakes when he should have powered out. He also stuck his leg out when he should not have. He is lucky that he still has a leg.

Ward is fine and only suffered a detached ligament from the AC to collarbone and a few bumps and bruises. He was also knocked unconscious on the first endover. He is recovering fine under his wife's care.

The Jeep looks worse than it really is since most of the damage is sheet metal. In fact, another driver drove it 10 miles back to camp. The stinger did its job and stopped him from endoing the rest of the way down the hill. Ward was very lucky and says he will never make that mistake again.

We will be rebuilding the jeep and adding more safety features to it.

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