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Originally Posted by Rockaholic View Post
Does that make you feel better if somebody rolls in a closed area? If they are in a closed area then they get what they deserve? WE WERE NOT IN A CLOSED AREA!!! The Forest Service did a good job of mapping and even marking the CLOSED AREA on the ground. You would have to be blind to miss it. I would not come to your great wheeling area to break the rules! That is just not cool and I personally take offence to your remark!! Empty allegations like yours can cause closures just as easily as running off trail!!
why would i feel better if someone rolled????what i read on nw-wheelers is that trail #638 was closed until the bridges on the 1050 were completed. if i misread that im sorry maybe what was posted on the board was not real descriptive. it doesnt say trail can be accessed from the top. maybe read the post and see if it confusing to you....
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