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Originally Posted by Dave McMains View Post
Hi Jon
First i would like to say I am glad Ward is ok! Now what are you going to do with the carcass! We looking at a new body? Frame? Wow I was surprised how much the cage pulled away from the dash/body! Have a good one! Dont worry about the drama queens up here, they are just jealous that they were not there to see it themselves!
I don't believe this gentleman was attacked in anyway, as a matter a fact I believe I tried to mediate a situation that was being misconstrued? I believe he understood my explanation?

Now you sir are full of crap posting up accusations that the 'drama queens' would want to be witnesses to a rollover? I've witnessed my share of pain, suffering & deaths in regards to our hobby and wish I were not there.

I really look forward to meeting you sir, on the trail, as you are a real character. You seem to be in a position of authority in the pnw? I see direction this association is going w/ this kind of leadership
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