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It is funny I never saw anywhere, in any post, about what trail they were on. But yet people have had accidents right there. RIGHT where? They never said where they were! All they said was they were in the Rimrock! All of the Rimrock is not closed! So I have to stand on the fact that 1. You should not have started the string that they were in a closed area. 2. You are just looking for a reason to not like the PNW or its officers!

Lighten up! not everything has to have a dark cloud! I am glad that the guy was not hurt, and I am glad that people are trying to be good wheelers, and I am glad that people are concerned that trails that are closed are not being run on, but they did say they were with club members that knew the area quite well and knew where the closures are. I have a hard time believing you are not trying to create a problem when nothing existed!
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