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Originally Posted by Dave McMains View Post
Hi Jon
First i would like to say I am glad Ward is ok! Now what are you going to do with the carcass! We looking at a new body? Frame? Wow I was surprised how much the cage pulled away from the dash/body! Have a good one! Dont worry about the drama queens up here, they are just jealous that they were not there to see it themselves!
Nice to hear from you again Dave. Right now the plan is to cut the back off and tube it. Then we will cover the tube with sheet metal and put a good 8 point cage in that is tied to the frame in all 8 places. We will probably raise the cage 3-4 inches since Ward is a tall Dude. The frame and running gear are fine but we will be looking for a hood and window frame. I will post up the Photo Shop drawing that Josh did for Ward to drool over while Cherie [his wife] tends to his wounds.
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