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Default All Wheelers - Bethel Ridge Run (Aug 21, 2010)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Bethel Ridge Run
August 21, 2010

After we ran the Little Rattlesnake Trail we had a little more fun site seeing around Bethel Ridge.

Timberwolf Mountain

On the way down from Timberwolf we stopped to check out this cabin.

We stop to look down on Rimrock Lake.

Looking across at Jumpoff Lookout

Down at Hwy12 we stopped to air up.

We noticed people climbing the rocks across the river.

Waycrazy thought he was out of gas so he had his wife bring some in the Yuppy Car.

Well it was a different problem. Waycrazy had to keep his break down track record. LOL

This day was a lot of fun thanks to all who came.
Clay Graham

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