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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
Because its still the same park we built and maintained for years. Yes the rules have tightened up a bit recently but many of us still have rigs that were built for what the park is or was supposed to be and still fit withen the guidelines.

We are still working on changing the width rule but this may take a little time to convince the FS that they need to "modernize" a little bit.

While were at it would you care to explain why you wont be using or supporting the park anymore ?

Will this change if we manage to get the width restriction widened to 80" ?
yes, my parents generation helped to build "that park" with their 3B high hood which I'm pretty sure died of old age.

the "many of us still have rigs that were built....." is a small minority. As an organization- we suggested 80 inches as that was the popular vote, granted it was a suggestion. Clearly they didn't hear our voice.

As for changing the width rule, a new jeep off of the factory floor is way wider than this. How do we acquire new members if we can't accomodate them?

Yes, the FS needs to modernize and listen to their actual user group. Some might call us........wait for it...... gasp, customers.....There are more 75 inch plus wheelers out there than 72 and less.

Why wont I be using the park in my backyard? I don't "fit" there anymore at 74, neither do the majority of my somewhat conservative width club. Why would I offer to host at the campground and participate in clean ups if I can't wheel there too? I am all for being a good volunteer, but people want the WIFit, or What's In It For Me? I do not visit Evan's alot, but I rarely see hikers, Mtn Bikers etc out there picking up trash.

Evans is not known for being the hardest wheeling in the PNW, but it fills a void for Reiter and takes some load off of Elbe for part of the year.
If the width restriction was 80 inches, this would be less of a big deal.
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