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Clay, it was good seeing you and Ron out and about.

We at the Cle Elum work closely with Deputy Dan. He is always there when needed and keeps us updated with the activities he see's.

I also saw the snow later that day. I must of almost followed you towards Quartz. I made numerous contacts at the many hunting camps thru out the drainage. Some folks reported seeing some game. Most asked me where the animals were. I pointed everyone towards the sheep allotment in the area. All hunters declined. They wanted real meat.

All in all it was a good weekend. There was a good crowd. Manastash and Riders camp folks were well mannered. I stayed at Manastash and made sure everyone knew it. Must of been a big crowd at Funny/Moon Rocks as we got into a very large traffic jam on the 4W307 between Tripod and Bald Mt.

The Wandering Willyy's were on the hill working on making sure the carsonite signs were where needed. That will be an ongoing project as the WWJC wanders around and finds their way thru the Manastash area. The carsonite project is funded thru the PNW4WDA and supervised by the USFS. Carsonites seem to take a lot of abuse often being run over and/or shot at.

I'll get back with a couple of pic's soon.
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