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this is the story of how my oil change snowballed into me gutting the interior today lol.

changed the oil, noticed my front u-joint is toast, put some trans seafoam in and was going to run into town to get a new u-joint and cycle the seafoam through. the passenger seat isnt latching so i was going to try to fix that issue so i could take the gf in with me since she hasnt rode in it yet because of the latch, unbolting the seat it looks like the floor is broke so out comes the carpet and onto stripping the interior lol. good news is the floor is fine but i need to get a new latch for the passenger seat.

found a few spots of rust, one was on the door jamb

wire wheeled it and shot some primer, by the time im done cleaning up the exterior its gonna look polka dotted through the winter from the holes ill weld up and primer.

and first time with the top off

i also ordered a windstar dual fan assembly from work, had to get it shipped in, i could have gotten one in a day for $170 but ill wait a week for it for $86 brand new dorman part.
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