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Default `76 Scout II - SOLD


I don't know much about the rig.... but here's the info I have and if you have questions feel free to ask and I will find out.

It is believed that it has a good running 345 (I will find out for sure that it is not a 304). I was an automatic.
recently rebuilt Dana 44's front and rear- the rear is believed to be welded but it could be a limited slip - it does not notch in or out ratcheting and it does not squeal the tires going around a corner on pavement.
front is disk brake
4" lift springs, brake lines and shocks
new fuel tank and skid plate

no tranny or transfer case. The tranny was stolen and the atlas that was going into it is going into our yota.

It has a terra top on it. The body is in really good shape.

$800 obo I would prefer to sell it complete. Currently it is located in Burien, WA. I can transport if necessary - but I would want fuel money if I have to move it.

I don't have pics at this moment but I will get some with in the next couple of days.

I also have a spare 44 front axle. Make me a reasonable offer.

If I am slow to respond please be patient. I'm working in Western WA at the moment and I don't have internet readily available where I am living but I try to get online as often as I can.
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