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The Vancouver 4 Wheelers tagged along with Ceg's group for the day. This was our first time going to Pick Up a Mountain. We had 3 rigs 2 of which had never been to the Naches area before.

Marty and Suzanna are in the blue CJ2-A.

Michael and Laura are in the gray Toyota pickup with their son Payton riding in the back of the Marty's Jeep. This was their first time to Naches.

And our newest members in our club are Tommy and Annell in the black Jeep wrangler who are from Georgia. This was also their first time to Naches.

We all had a great time and by the end of the day they were already talking about coming back next year.

A huge THANK YOU to Region 4 for a great event and to all the individuals that made this event possible it was well worth the drive.

(sorry the pics are not in the correct order. This is my first time using Photobucket. Thanks Clay for the info on how to post up pics better)
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