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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
That is great, but there is nothing stopping a narrow vehicle from driving into the NOT TRAIL portion of the trail...Therefore, it can be said that the use of the NOT TRAIL portion is not necessarily from vehicles wider than 72. I believe it is unfair for folks (and the FS) to assume that the widening of the trails is purely from wider vehicles.

Like I said at the meeting...the average wheeler is going to know nothing about trail tread (trail) vs devegetation zone (not trail).

The average wheeler will figure that if they can fit through without climbing trees, then they are not too wide for the trail.

Most forest allow the vehicle to leave the trail to allow others to pass (usually 1 vehicle width).

However if the trail was extremely rutted and could not be traversed without riding with 1 tire in the center and the other in the "Not Trail" side of the trail that vehicle would be subject to being cited. If you can not traverse the trail within the tread of the trail turn around and leave.

Or if the vehicle came to a tree or other obstruction and chose to go around the driver could be cited.

I get a lot of "Deer in the headlights" looks from people about these facts. With the new travel management plan coming to be regulation people can expect to be cited more often for these type violations. The MVUM maps and every Kiosk with proper posting clearly state "Stay on Designated Trails". Signs stating such are to be a thing of the past no longer required. Nobody will be able to say anymore "I didn't see the sign".
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