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A few days ago I was finally able to get by there and get pictures....thanks to rain cancelling my work day......

The body isn't as straight as I remembered it being but it was wheeled a couple of times or so since I have seen it last. I am posting this for a friend of mine and I have to let you know that the tires can't go with it because they belong to his dad. We will try to get some others on there soon. I couldn't find the hood pull right off so I didn't get to see what the engine is, or get pics of it. Now that I talked to him I know where the handles at so I can open the hood

So here's the pics....not the greatest because it is partially in a garage and has stuff in the back that I didn't have time to pull out of there.

I possibly have a buyer for the terra top with the tinted rear slider that is currently on it, but this is the other terra top that will be put on it. If you are interested in the one with the slider let me know and I will find out for sure on the possible buyer.

Here is the other top that will go on it with the sale.

thanks for looking!:cheer:


I was able to get it out of the garage and I will be cleaning it out and up a bit today and getting new pics.
Currently still in Burien. If it has to make the trip over the mountains to my house it will probably get scrapped. Which is sad because I know there are a lot of good parts there.
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