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Default Jeep Wanna Bees

Dale's Run 2010

The main group started in Greenwater & met us in camp at Tripod Flats...myself and a few other not-so-street-legal rigs opted to trailer over Chinook & start wheeling at the bottom of Kaner. We ran up Kaner, down Shoestring & up Tripod Flats...the main group took Lily Pond to Tripod Flats to save time. We beat them to camp by about 15 minutes.

Some highlights from the trip:
  • Had some brief ignition issues with Mark's 4Runner...pull start solved the problem.
  • I found out that hot exhaust & a rubbermaid action packer do not play well together...a 2x6 and some tinfoil solved the problem
  • Shane's K5 also had some ignition problems...Don quickly diagnosed the issue & bypassed the faulty wire
  • Matt learned that skinny boggers + low pressure + fatty K5 = strong familiarity with a hi-lift & air compressor
  • Don caught a stump & cracked his steering box in half at the top of Kaner...made a bonzai run back to the tow rig to swap on the spare
  • Shane flopped his K5 at Moon Rocks
  • I drove down the can opener for the first was ugly, but I pulled it off
  • Saw Merrick at Funny Rocks
  • Ran into the Climax team at Funny Rocks...watched them pull off some very impressive lines

The Climax team drove down this line, turned around & spanked it back to the top...yes, it was that cool :rock:

from left to right...Shane, Don, me

fixing the melted action packer

Mark & Rick

Mike admiring his bald MTR's

waiting for the group to catch up on upper Kaner

Mark's 4Runner

Mark & I at Moon Rocks

Luey & Rick excited to be wheeling

our group on upper Kaner

Luey @ Moon Rocks

Bruce Ladyboy going for a ride at Moon Rocks

from the left...Luey, Shane, Matt, Mike & Don

Don on top of Moon Rocks


the Climax guys waiting for me to get out of the way

The Jeep Wanna Bees had an awesome time on Dale's Run this year...covered lots of trail, ate, drank & wheeled the crap out of the rocks on SUN!

Bryan Peterson | WOHVA | PNWJeep | Eldorado Dust Devils

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