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Default Good Dogs Bad People

We were wheeling in the Funny Rocks area on Sunday and we saw a couple dogs in the distance.

They looked like a Dalmation Spaniel mix. Beautiful and nice dogs.
They had what we later found out was a shock collar on them.
Apparently and someone can correct me if I'm wrong. But the object of the "shock collar" is to make the dogs howl so they can locate them.
Apparently these collars work up to a mile and a half.
We were able to get the dogs to come to us where they gulped up clean water and ate like they hadn't eaten in days. We later found out it had been by our best guess around 24 hours.
The shock collars or whatever they use to make them howl had phone numbers on them that allowed us to call the owners and make a rendezvous with them.
The collars offered a reward which we were not offered on returning the dogs and would not have accepted.

The owners said they were hunting grouse with them.
I'm not familiar with proper care of hunting dogs but I generally like dogs better than people and to see these poor guys lost and thirsty and hungry was heartbreaking.

When we pulled up on the gravel road to deliver the dogs to the owners the one older man that appeared to be the dad said to me.
"I hope their feet are bleeding and they are hungry and thirsty"
My first reaction was to tell him exactly how I felt about his comment but the other man that appeared to be his son thanked us nicely several times.

He also told a member of our group. "we lit em up a few times and heard em howl but we weren't able to make them come back"

Am I wrong for his comment eliciting such strong emotion in me?

One person in our party told me they would not have been able to restrain a responding comment.
Another said we should have kept the dogs and sent them to the humane society.
Maybe I don't get the hunting dog thing.

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