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Originally Posted by Tamararabbit View Post
Here is the deffintion for mistreating an animal "any act which permits pain or suffering"

Neglect: "faliure to provide food, water or protection from the elements"

so there you have it those are the deffintions that i was taught at school so the shock collar is a form of an act which permits pain so your right about they are mistreating there animals in are deffinition but some trainers feel it is ok so by law it is not mistreatment and as far as being skinny how much could you feel the ribs? a healthy wheight to a dog is you should be able to feel the ribs but not feel every rib on its own and you really should not be able to feel the rest of the bones

Yes, Tamara they were beyond skinny. The bones were definitely sticking out. We thought they were bred that way. The girls thought they were puppies but we checked their teeth and we guessed the one girl to be about 6.
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