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Originally Posted by dirk View Post

The Wheelers of Washington Association would like to help out...many of our members use this trail & it would be nice to see some of the bridges fixed. The bridges should be the easiest line across a wet area...not the most challenging obstacle.

What is the easiest way to fix the approach? My first reaction would be to dump a bunch of 6 inch rock into the mud hole & create a stable approach to the bridge. Will the FS purchase some rock & have it delivered close to the work site? I might be able to borrow a 4x4 tractor to help load the rock...also, depending on availability, we might be able to bring over our rock hauling trailer.

I can not begin to think of how much rock has been dumped at the many bridge approachs on the Kaner. Rock is stock piled at a couple locations on the Kaner. Sometimes it is easy to direct a truck with ditch gleamings to dump at accessible locations. But you take what you get and that is somewhat the problem. As you say the rock should be of the large rip/rap type so that it does not splash out. The Naches does have a trail size dump trailer that heavier rigs can negoiate the trails with.

Something that has worked in Cle Elum are surplus tank tracks placed on the trail tread with the rubber side up. I am researching where to get them as the old supply is almost gone and the Yakima Firing range does not have them any more.

Another method may be to take a lesson from the Little Rattlesnake and use the concrete boat launch logs.

Both methods would work but they may be rather expensive. It may be we use a combination of hardened surfaces and rock until we could get funding to harden all the bridge approachs. The Lilly Pond Bypass also needs bridge approach work.
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