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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
Does the road bed cloth stuff help keep the rock from sinking into the earth...we used some on the upper section of Sunrise Trail at Elbe...then tossed the bigger rock directly on top.
Yes, cloth is a good thing, it works well. Think of rock as a fluid. The smaller stuff will litterly splash out of where it is placed. Larger (double fist size) will tend to lock up and stay put better when properly placed. Getting what (size and type) you need is the hard part (far from supply) (even if the mountain is made of it). You just can't take from a pit or a rock field. Stockpiles belong to Roads. Trails would need permission or even have to purchase and pay (different FS Dept's) for delievery. You would still have the user abuse problem and the material would require continuious maint. That is why a hardened surface may be preferable. Not sure what a boat launch log weights but a tank track section is 450lbs+.

Yes, Dan, please move the trail repair talk to it's own thread.
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