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Originally Posted by Peppermint Patti View Post
We are so glad that this new trail is being enjoyed by so many fellow 'wheelers!! It was an enourmous task, from talking with the forest service for decades, to commenting on the proposed Santiam Summer Motorized Recreation Plan, to the appeal by DC4W, to the negotiations with the forest service, to the on-the-ground layout to the actual construction. The entire trail was constructed by hand - no heavy equipment. And to think that some were advocating for us to accept 2.5 miles of graded road instead of building this fantastic trail which has become famous throughout the northwest!!

We have several other projects coming up in the next few years and will be needing all of your help building more trails. If you like this one, come help us build more when the call goes out.
WoW. Just wow Patti, this is AWESOME. a trail built by wheelers for wheelers and it shows!

I'm curious, are there any stats on the cost for this trail? I'm curious both in volunteer time and pure dollars put in by the club(s), FS, etc.
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