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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
I see on that Baker Ridge Trail (4W325) and Ball Ridge Trail (4W326) are rated More Difficult. Ed does not have any write-ups about them. If you have any info and pictures of these trails, please post up.

4W324 leaves from behind the Guard Station (just past the Liberty Road on Hwy 97 (FS 9700/115)). The trail has some steep sections that have roots and rock ledges and 1 that is off camber. Soils can be muddy. Also a section has a water crossing where right before a winch can be required if the trail is wet. There is also a sinkhole just before the water crossing. Good trail for folks with diverse experience where some will need help.

4W326 leaves the road (Fs9700/115 further uphill from the Guard Station. This trail requires a better equiped trail rig and driver experience. Can be muddy in areas. Quite a challenge when wet.

4w325 Take the 9700/192 (couple mile past the Guard Station on Hwy 97). A mile or so the trail goes left from the 192 spur. This is a mellow trail with 1 or 2 hill climbs (1 of which is unlikely doable without a locker if wet). Expect trailside pinstriping as the trail is narrowed by brush. Near the top you can find the Seattle Jeep Club Trail/Expect body damage/A long day and manatory winching to get out/Also has some extreme off camber. You can choose not to take this trail and continue up the 325. The 325 has another trail (4W327) that takes off on the lower end. The 327 is a cakewalk. and has a connector (4w340) to get back to the 325. If you are coming down the 325 when wet expect to have to power down some of the hills (no brakes).

All the trails end on a spur road which you can drive out on and get up to Redtop if you desire (rockhounding) (vista's) (Fire lookout).

Best to run that side of the hill when dry and possibly with someone who has been there before.

There is also a 323 (leaves from the 324) which is a good quad trail. Just stay off the private property at the bottom (people miss the turn sometimes as they are coming down)
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