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Default XHD Winch Recover Kit - 30,000 POUND MODEL!!!

This is a new HEAVY DUTY winch recovery kit that is rated at 30,000 pounds!

Most of the others are rated under 20,000...

More details:

The Rugged Ridge XHD snatch block is much larger than the standard Rugged Ridge snatch block:

30,000lb Capacity vs. 20,000lb Capacity

This durable 9 long pulley is constructed from 1/4 cold rolled steel and is suitable for use up to 30,000lbs. For use with winch cables up to 1/2 in diameter.

The Rugged Ridge XHD d-ring/shackles are much larger than the standard Rugged Ridge d-rings as well:

9,500lb Capacity vs. 13,500lb Capacity
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