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Default 2010 Political Endorsements

The Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (WOHVA) Board of Directors has approved endorsing the following 2010 WA state legislative candidates. They have shown support of OHV initiaves during the past legislative sessions. WOHVA encourages your support of these candidates!

House of Representatives:
  • Heidi Munson (1st district)
  • JT Wilcox (2nd district)
  • Jim McCune (2nd District)
  • Matt Shea (4th District)
  • Joel Kretz (7th District)
  • Shelly Short (7th District)
  • Norma Smith (10th District)
  • Barbara Bailey (10th District)
  • Cary Condotta (12th District)
  • Bill Hinkle (13th District)
  • Ed Orcutt (18th District)
  • Bruce Dammeier (25th District)
  • Dan Roach (31st District)
  • Mike Sells (38th District)
  • Dan Kristensen (39th District)
  • Kirk Pearson (39th District)
  • Vince Buys (52nd District)
State Senate:
  • Bob Morton (7th District)
  • Janea Holmquist (13th District)
  • Dan Swecker (20th District)
  • Mike Carrell (28th District)
  • Pam Roach (31st District)
  • Tim Sheldon (35th District)
  • Val Stevens (39th District)
If you would like more information about why WOHVA endorses the above candidates, click on the following link for a table with more information:
To learn more about WOHVA, please check us out on facebook or visit us on the web:
Bryan Peterson | WOHVA | PNWJeep | Eldorado Dust Devils
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