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Default Forest Watch Liberty Run (Oct 31, 2010)

Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch
Liberty Watch Run
October 31, 2010

On Sunday October 31st, 2010 we did a Forest Watch Run at the Liberty area.
On this run it was Foxracer in his Rubicon, Craigen in his XJ and Jeff in his Sami.
I (Ceg) was riding with Craigen and our Eagle Scout guest Patrick was riding with Jeff.

The General report:
The lower trails were a little muddy. A few trail marks are down.
We saw a few hunters and a few snow wheelers.
We gave a little eduction about wheel vehicles have to stay on the roads/trails even
if here is snow covering everything where no resource damage could happen.

This was a great run thanks to the people who came.

Here are some pictures of our run:

We headed up Reecer Creek Road toward the place we where meeting up with Jeff & Patrick.

Airing Down.

Once Jeff and Patrick showed up in the Sami, we headed toward the trails.

This area had some climbs that were challenging due to the wet soil.

The open dif Sami needed a little help from his winch.

A tight area.

This is looking out my window of Craigen coming very close to a tree.

This was a slick climb.

Need a sign repair here.

After running a few trails we head back out to Reecer Creek Road.

We head up Reecer Creek Road toward the snow.

We stopped for a break and to read the signs.

We headed on up. We turned onto FS3500-126.

We turned around a few miles down.

We parted ways with Jeff and Patrick.

We took FS3500-124 to Lion Rock.

The view at Lion Rock was great.

It was getting dark so we headed back down the mountain.

We stopped and aired up down at the bottom where it as a little warmer.
Clay Graham

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