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Default Evans Creek Ranger retrieved

Cascade 4x4s met Scott from Dynatrac at Evans Creek for a winching/safety class. Afterward some us hit the trails. At the Day Use area we ran into a Cherokee and a towed Ford Ranger. The Ranger was driven by a young Army guy. The Ranger driver was at Evans 3wks ago driving alone. His arm was out the window when the truck lurched forward breaking his left arm. Some ATV drivers came upon him 5minutes later. They took him all the way to Madigan for medical care. His Cherokee friend returned him to Evans today for the truck. He dented the driver door 3wks ago. The window wouldn't roll down. Someone took a screwdriver to the ignition. It melted some of the electrical connections in the ignition. It also drained the battery to zero. My wife helped winch him onto my trailer. Wife then drove the Jeep home while I towed him to North Fort Lewis (JBLM).

He's had his license for one year. The 86' Ford Ranger is his first vehicle. On the way home we discussed never wheeling alone, proper tow points and armor.
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