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Below are comments from Olympia regarding this proposed legislation. Jeri is Senator Delvin's chief aid. This is a recap of an e-mail string i have going with Jeri and the Senator.

First from Natural Resoucres Committee staff:

Jeri –

The newsletter piece at the bottom refers to a proposal DFW and DNR are putting together to create an “explore Washington pass” required for access to DFW and DNR lands. The funds would help pay for state land management costs.

I think this is what Dave’s emails are focused on, and it sounds like he does not have a firm position quite yet.

I have not seen a draft bill, but can get you more specifics about the proposal if you are interested.

Staff Coordinator & Counsel
Senate Natural Resources, Ocean & Recreation Committee

Jeri May's response to me:

Hi Dave,

With boss out of town, I needed to explore with our Natural Resource Policy staffer. Like boss said, let us know if you learn more….thanks.

My comment on the $40 fee to Jeri:

Jeri, as of now, my major issue is that $40 fee. I'm not too happy with that amount PER PERSON!! A vehicle sticker would be a bit more user friendly I think, even though it would be on top of regular tags. I have two rigs that would need a permit. Just don't think a $40 a head fee is going to make the user groups happy, be they gas or muscle powered!


Last comments from Jeri:


We’ve had several others who also feel the fee should be per vehicle or family and not per person. The only thing to do at this point without knowing what the bill will look like when introduced or should it get out of committee is to amend it per your suggestion. There will be talks all over the place about the fees this session.

If I understand, currently you have to have a $12 vehicle use sticker to use DFW lands. And I “think” you don’t have to pay anything to use DNR lands. So, while charging the $40 per vehicle would raise less money than charging per person, it would still be more than the agencies get under the current system.

This year is going to be all about raising revenue, but how?

I know you will follow this issue more closely probably than what we can monitor at this point. So other than an amendment (depending) talk with your friends – wait and see the bill, and then we might be able to dissect it.
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