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Default My report

White River Forest Service meeting
Christmas tree sales are open for the season. Sales have been brisk.

All of the seasonal employees accept one have been laid of for the year. She (Leslie) will
be working with Mary on the snow parks.

Evans Creek,
Evans will be closed on December 15th – March 31st for the seasonal wildlife closure. We had more discussion on this and Jay the owner of the Burnett store was quite upset over it and claimed he was never informed of the closure. It seems that the FS didn’t consider the economic impact of the closure when making their decision.
Work on the 7920 road between the entrance and the day use has been postponed. The contractor doesn’t want to fix the road and then be driving over it with heavy equipment while work above is being done.
The width restrictions will be enforced next season (March 31st) It looks like it will be increased to 80” but is yet to be in writing. I give it a 90% chance it will happen but until I see it in writing I am only saying “probably” for now its still at 72” There will be goalpost type gatekeepers put in at a couple of key locations to help enforce the width restriction..

We talked about the closure for wheeled vehicles on snow covered roads and as well as Evans they include the 70 road at the Pyramid snow park (or as it moves down with the snow) the 72 rd the 7160 rd, and the 73rd. The 74 road is still closed due to the bridge being out. These closures are effective December 1st

Open roads to us are the 7220, 7030 75, 7222, 7710, and 7720 as well as the road to Evans (hwy 165) up to the Mowich park gate.

Firewood permits are available from the FS for $20 for 2 cords. With the recent storms there are a lot of downed trees available a bunch of it on the 70 road.

We discussed at length the accident that happened on Monday night that resulted in the death of one man and near death of his 4 year old son. The boy was very fortunate that Ian (fs Leo) found him as quickly as he did as his body temp was at 75 degrees. He is recovering at Mary Bridges. On that note I am putting together a list of people that can be available at short notice for a search and rescue type of thing. When the FS gets a call that someone is missing at Evans or else ware it would be very helpful if they had more rigs and drivers in the woods that are familiar with the area. This time Ian got very luck as there were only 5 people to search the entire park. If you’re interested in being on such a list please contact me at or PM me on the bulletin boards (pokey)

There are several new outhouses on the forest including one at the horse camp by government meadows. These were funded by federal stimulus moneys.

Next meeting is on Jan. 14th
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