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Some thoughts:

I'm happy to pay a $40 per family fee. Per vehicle doesn't work either. I have 3 vehicles that I take on DNR and DFW lands every year. If they want to charge me $40 per vehicle, I'll go to Oregon.

The DFW fee is a tag that you can easily transfer from one rig to the next, but would they give my Excursion a ticket in a parking area if the sticker was on my Jeep up on the hill? What are the rules? How does the bill read? How and who will enforce it on DNR lands? I get that it would be enforced by Game Warden type LEOs on DFW land, but is the Sheriff going to do it at Ahtanum?

IF it is a per family charge,
IF the money is protected by law,
IF there is an enforcement plan in place
IF a certain percentage of the $$ is earmarked for ORV activities


I'm all for it. It would help our cause and discourage some of the outlaw types from venturing onto the wrong dirt.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't something like the sledders have for the sno-parks work? Don't they get a sticker for their tow rig and their sled for one registration.
If the conditions that Jim laid out were met, **** I wouldn’t only not mind paying $40, I’d want to. Maybe something like $40 bucks covers the first 2 or 3 rigs then additional stickers would be $5 each. My hunting hang tag has room for three license plate numbers so it can be moved between three rigs and I’d have to pay for an additional one. (Still doesn’t handle the tow pig problem.)
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