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Default 2nd annual NEO 4Wheelers toys for tots run

quote from club president

"9 rigs showed for this run. At about 930 the club held their meeting lasting 10-15 min. Around 10am Warrpath held the raffle with Tyson winning the shackles, Farmtoy winning the tow strap (which was used later), Levi winning the flashlight and Twisted winning the T-shirt & sweat shirt. Then we traveled to the test pit for final air downs and shaking the rust off. After which we ran Twister then headed cross country to some moderate trails during which we had lunch. After lunch we ran Rock'n Roll and this is where the majority of the carnage happened. Twisted's motor mount broke away from the block causing the fan to poke holes in radiator. After placing strap under engine to support it and keep the distributor from breaking he was winched out by our trail leader Dustdriver. Also Stealth's XJ took a beeting in the rocks causing a bent rock slider and a few new clearance dents. After parking twisted's broke rig along main road he jumped with Dustdriver and finished out the trip. We then finished off the day in the rock quarry. Tyson climbed all three levels taking so challenging lines. Jeepwife got some seat time in the rocks for her first time and she successfully climbed the lower level of the quarry. With the sun gone and the temp dropping fast we said our goodbys.

to everyone who showed and brought toys for the drive.
Warrpath for organizing and doing all leg work for this run.
A1 Connectors in Hermiston for their donation. "

Id like to thank everyone who brought out toys, we collected quite a few and i know the kids will enjoy them.
my computer is having issues so heres some pics, still working on the video.

thats a 38 on a 42

and the carnage, i didnt think these had slant sixes in them lol

distributor holding the motor up, fan went into the radiator. used a strap to lift the engine up

removing the broke XJ from the ravine

not so guarding guard
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