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Default All Wheelers - Thanksgiving Snow Run report (Nov 27, 2010)

Thanksgiving Snow Run at the Ahtanum State Forest
Report by Clay Graham AKA "Ceg"

On Saturday November 27th, 2010 we met up in Tampico around 10 AM for the annual All Wheelers Off Road Club Thanksgiving 4x4 run.
Most of the members aired down at the Tampico Church. Two rigs had to be off loaded down the South Fork Road at a member's family's place.

Here on the South Fork Road we are grouping up for the run.

Heading up the South Fork Ahtanum Creek Road.

We stopped to let Foxracer's dog out and others let more air out of their tires.

Scout leads the way.

Here we regroup as we turned onto the Sedge Ridge 4x4 Trail.

Looking out Foxracer's Rubicon back window.

This hill climb slowed us up and gave Foxracer's rig a workout.

At the top of the hill at the Duel Climb Area.

A few took turns at the climb.

Foxracer made it up.

I had to walk up since my ride was on top. This is looking up from about half way up.

Looking back down.

Close to the top of the steepest section.

Here I found Foxracer.

We backed the Jeep up to go see how the others were doing.

Here is looking down at bottom of the Duel climbs.

Here Nevada is winching up.

My ride for the day.

Nevada help winch some of the other rigs up.
Four rigs turned back.

The five rigs headed on up the trail.

The snow got real deep.

Waycrazy, Havo, BlindPilot, Foxracer & Nevada.

The trail was real fun in this next tight section.
A lot of snow was falling off the trees as we brushed the branches.

Foxracer took a lot of runs at the Cultus Rim Climb but could not top it.
Waycrazy took a run at it. He decided to winch past an icy area. Foxracer loaned him a tree saver.

The climb was just to slick so we decide since it was getting late just to turn around.

We regrouped in an open area. A few played as we waited for everyone to come back down.

BlindPilot having deep snow fun.

Once all the rigs were grouped up, we ran on down to the South Fork and Sedge Ridge 4x4 Trail intersection.
This part of the trail was a lot of fun.

Foxracer lost his mirror and stopped to try and find it.

Foxracer had no luck finding the mirror. I guess we will find it in the spring if someone else doesn't get to it first.

We dropped on off the Rocky Climb and then headed out the South Fork Ahtanum Creek Road.

This was a fun snow run thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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