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I hesitate to get involved due to a couple of issues...

1) PC4X4 SAR EXISTS!! if they do not want to be knowledgeable about the roads and trail systems that lie within their county then so be it. They have a very picky attitude regarding anyone who encroaches in their territory... also the WAC states that you must have a certain training level to be a part of SAR... i know because i was in PC4x4 and am now in KC4x4 SAR... i think that we would have to be a "resource" to the sherriffs and not a part of the search. We would not have the same coverage as a 4x4 SAR member. we would not be covered under L&I and also any damage sustained (broken axle, driveline, etc...) would not be covered unless you are a part of the 4x4 unit and therefore under the Sherriff's Office and Department of Emergency Management.

2) we do not have a page out system and would be slow to respond in comparason to the pager system equipped PC 4x4 SAr. I think that this would lead to a lot of turn around calls and also the "ohh great here come the jeepers" mentality from the SAR personnel.

At a minimum we should require some kind of formal group training and at least CPR of the members on the list, just to protect ourselves. I know that this may be all for naught but the least we can do is be prepared... I would be willing to try to set something up with PC 4x4 SAR to assist in a training so that we may learn some of the operational methods of the searches. ( yes there is a method to the madness) OR we as the members of an organization that wants to volunteer and has knowledge of the trails and roads we commonly run, join PC 4x4 SAR and help be a part of the "Official" solution.

just my $0.02
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