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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
Racer List

These are the folks racing at the dome that I am aware of now.
Diana could you help me out, please edit my post if you wish..

Tom Hecker
Keith Watson
Kevin Kehrberg
Dan Morris
Marty Tilford
Sabrina Dzierzanowski
Tim Dzierzanowski
Kyle Wiebold
Rob Stafford
Craig Stafford
Dan Simonson
Mikki Simonson
Jer SR Simonson
Jer JR Simonson
Diana Prine
Butch Danielson
Frank May
Brad Shwartz
Lee Hill
Angie Marek
Brandon Marek
Cody Peterson?
Freddy De la Cruz
Tyler Shipman
Wayne Laurent
Along with those you posted, these racers have also confirmed...

Lester Olsen
Jeff Duren
Kenny Nytray
Bill Ratzburg
Don Ratzburg
Julie Kehrberg
Diana Stafford
Les Pullin
Diana Stafford
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