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Default Window net install

I called Speedway Motors the other day and ordered 2 window nets and 2 latch kits. The following is how I installed them.

This is the latch kit I got it only cost $19.99

This is what came in the kit

This is the window net I got. It measures 25 inches by 18 inches. It was on sale for $9.99

The first thing I did was make a top bar to use in place of the aluminum one that came in the kit. I used 3/8 dia round bar and put threads on one end.

The threaded end screws into the nut that is welded to the roll cage. I welded the nut there to support the hardware for the soft top. So with it already there I just used it.

To support the other end of the top rod I used a piece of small dom tube and welded it to the cage.

To install the top bar I slid it into the dom tube and then threaded it into the nut. This keeps the bar for moving and makes it solid.

For the bottom, first I welded the latch to my door bar.

Next I put the window net on the top bar and bent the bottom latch bar to fit my door bar and keep the net tight.

With the other side of the bottom bar I welded another small piece of dom tube to the cage. I made sure to pull the net down and keep it tight when I tack welded the tube to the cage.

Of course I had to do a little trimming of the bars to get them the right length. Here is a photo of before.

Then here is a photo of the finished job.

I also did the passenger side to match. It turned out pretty good. The net it tight and easy to get on and off while sitting in the rig or from outside. The whole project only cost $71.50 with shipping.

I decided to share this here to show people how I installed mine and to show it doesn't cost that much. I hope people will take this into consideration when they are working on their rig for the upcoming race season. Since I have been involved as the Region 3 Comp chair I have seen at least 2 broken/bruised arms that I know of that was caused by a arm going outside of the cage during a roll. I know window nets are not required. But we should start thinking about what we all can do to make our sport safer. This is just one small thing.
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