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Default Colockum Snow Run (Jan 1st, 2011)

New Years Colockum Snow Run
Story by Clay Graham - Eastern Washington Off Road

On Saturday January 1st, 2011 we had a Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch run up Colockum Road. The drivers on this run were Foxracer in his Rubicon, in his XJ, Tiny in his XJ, Don in his XJ and Test Dummy in his XJ. Foxracer was the Trail Boss. I rode with Test Dummy. We started the run at noon from Olmstead State Park which was not to far away from Colockum Road. We Ran Colockum Road to about the 4900 foot elevation. The snow at that point was deep powder and would not pack. The four rigs that went into the last area got stuck. Don parked just before the deep powder area and came up to help with recovery. Once everyone got back to where Don was parked, we headed back down. Once at the bottom we aired up and were headed home just before 5 PM.

This was a great run with good people. The area looks to be in good shape for the most part. We did not see anyone doing any resource damage but saw some tracks that were close. We pick up some trash left by target shooters across from where we aired down.

Click link for the rest of the pictures: http://www.easternwashingtonoffroad....n-Jan-1st-2011
Clay Graham

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