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Default Thinking of selling..... :(

OK guys, so the need has arisen from me to get a truck. The XJ would be sold to help pay for the truck.

I hate to see it go, but I need/want to get a truck since we have the farm now....

What do you think it's worth?

1987 XJ
(dead) 4.0L
Base model, no power options except Brakes and P.S.
It does have A/C

The interior is in OK, shape, the seats are from an '89 XJ and the driver seat doesn't fold forward like it should (cable is broken)

The carpet was pulled, and the floor painted.

Very little rust on the upper body, the floor pans have a few pinholes, but not bad.

Clean title and 230+k Miles on it.

The most appealing thing is D44 which is why I hung on to it this long.....
1996 XJ, Bone stock. The build goal? Overland Adventure Vehicle. Nothing to radical, but nice and functional.
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