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Default Feburary focus group

Subject: Tahuya/Green Focus Group


From: Jesse Sims

To: Tahuya/Green Mt. Focus Group Members

Subject: February Focus Group Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of the Tahuya/Green Mt. Focus Group will be Thursday, February 3rd; 7:00 p.m. at the QFC in Belfair, located at the corner of North Shore RD. and Old Belfair Hwy. Belfair, WA.

The agenda will include the following items:

1. Introductions

2. Timber Sale update

3. Nova Grants/Letters of Support (Please Bring if you have)

4. Law Enforcement Update

5. Tahuya/Green Mt. Trail Crew Update

6. Volunteer Update and possible work projects

7. Green Mt. and Tahuya Plan

8. General Recreation Update (Jesse)

9. Questions/Comments/Wrap Up.

Your feedback and comments are very important and serve as a valuable resource to the DNR as we move forward. My hope and desire is that you all can attend this meeting.


Jesse Sims, Recreation Manager, Belfair + Hood Canal Units

South Puget Sound Region

Department of Natural Resources

950 Farman Ave. N

Enumclaw, WA. 98528

Member #40 Hombres jeep club
Region 2 landmatters chairman
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