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Default Ahtanum Snow Run - Jan 9th, 2011

Ahtanum Snow Run
Story by Clay Graham - Eastern Washington Off Road

On Sunday January 9th, 2011 we had a All Wheelers Off Road Club run up Doe Pocket at the Ahtanum State Forest. The drivers on this run were Jeepscum in his TJ, Foxracer in his Rubicon, TJ40 in his TJ, Colemancooler in his Toyota, TheMiddleKidin his Flatty and BlindPilot in his TJ. Jeepscum was the Trail Boss. I rode with BlindPilot. We started the run around 10 AM from the Tampico Church. We ran the North Fork Ahtanum Road to the Nasty Creek Corrals and aired down. We ran the Doe Pocket Trail up the ridge. Some of the Insanityfab guys where running the same trail. We wheeled some with them. At the steep double climb TheMiddleKid has some trouble getting up the hill. Colemancooler and TheMiddleKid turned around for home. The four TJs kept going until the powder snow got real deep.

Click link for the rest of the pictures: http://www.easternwashingtonoffroad....n-Jan-9th-2011
Clay Graham

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