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Default User Fees Proposed To Keep Public Land Open -

Please refer to: (January 26th) This link should take you to the Seattle Times news article regarding "Could new vehicle fees keep state parks open"?

There is a piece of legislation being drafted by Senator Ranker that not only addresses State Parks and Recreation issues but Washington Fish & Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources public lands - a direction to put three agencies under one umbrella when it comes to outdoor recreation.
The bill addresses the moneys received in the account must be distributed to the agencies in the following manner: 8% to the Department of Fish & Wildlife; 8% to the Department of Natural Resources; and 84% to Washington State Parks and Recreation.
The annual pass is proposed at $40.00 per vehicle, or $30.00 if acquired with an initial or renewal of vehicle registration; and can be used on all three agency sites.
A complimentary annual pass will be provided to a volunteer who performed forty (40) hours of service on an agency sanctioned volunteer project in a year; recorded hours will be through a voucher system; volunteer work performed can be in combination with any or on all three agency's.

I would like to open this topic up for discussion; your comments - concerns and suggestions are valuable to the four wheel drive community. Please stay on topic and if you have questions - please post them -I will answer them as soon as I can.

Arlene Brooks, WA State Director

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