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This thread really caught my eye and it is the point of why I think I will feel right at home here.
I grew up in a hunting family and conservation and stewardship was taught by my father, he always said that we need to care for the animals and lands that we hunted or we wouldn't have them anymore, further, he always maintained that if you didn't care, you didn't derserve the priveledge of using these lands.
The whole post was great but it is the last statement that really got me:
"We have to take “ownership” of our resources. Oh, excuse me, we do own America! Let’s not forget that. When it comes to public lands, they are YOUR public lands. So we need to do everything we can to ensure our lands are protected FOR the public instead of FROM the public. "

I agree that we need to think in terms of ownership since we tend to care for and take care of the things we own.
I have gone and looked at the clean up events, I may not be able to run crowbait on trails for a while, but we can sure get there to lend my back and shovel in support.
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