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Originally Posted by mrsbobcat View Post
Come on people get on the list. We had trouble with the server today but put your name on the waiting list if you didn't get in. Or, give me a call or email. More like email because my ears are ringing from all the calls today. Kelda
Well, signups have been on my calendar for weeks. I woke up this morning, and my trusty smartphone reminded me. It was 6:30am and I jumped on my computer, only to find out that this year you did something different and started at 8am. The problem is that I was leaving at 6:45am to drive up to Mt Hood for a day of snowboarding.

Remembered about it tonight and saw the wait list thing, and a semi-confusing message about 'accepting registrations via wait list'. So I'm confused as to whether I'm in or not. I guess I'll wait and see.

But this is confusing for sure.
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