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Dave Huttula, Darel and I attended the WOHVA (Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Association) Rally at the Capitol Building in Olympia, Washington yesterday. We were absolutely devasated to not see ANY other Region 3 folks around - the drive wasn't THAT bad...

Special thanks to our club members Ryan and Lyzz Wells for making some great signs for us to carry at the rally - everyone said we had great signs! I knew they both wanted to be there but their work schedules would not accomodate - so they did their part by making signs.

Darel and Dave keeping warm while hanging out on Capital Way

People rushing to get lined up on the steps of our Capital and ready to cheer on the speakers for the day.

Great signs Ryan & Lyzz! - Folks beginning to line up on the Capital Steps.

Darel and Dave trying to blend...

Wheelers of Washington (WOW) guys doing their thing.

All in all, it was a great day and we are glad we went. Unfortunately, the turnout for this event was at an all time low - at a time when events like this are more important than ever! They blamed it on the weather...

I personally find it ridiculous that 4-wheelers have a hard time driving in inclement weather - they never seem to have any problems driving in the ice to go wheeling. I have some more gripes but I will end my rant here...

The good news, the Capitol folks were impressed we still came out today in the nasty weather and the legislative folks knew we were there and received our message.

The best line we heard all day was when we were leaving the Capitol a legislator stopped to talk to us and one of the topics she wanted to talk to us about was the NOVA funds. She was absolutely offended by the actions of legislature that took the NOVA funds away from off-road recreation. She called it...

wait for it...


Thanks to Dave Huttula, for attending this event with us and making sure that Piston's Wild had a presence at this very important Rally! As always, your commitment and dedication to this club and what it stands for are relentless and as always, greatly appreciated.
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