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This bill was originally intended to allow ORVs use on highways/roads of under 5000... its totally gone in a different direction:

(3) No person may operate a nonhighway vehicle on public lands unless the area is designated by the land manager as open for nonhighway vehicle use, permission has been established, and the land manager has identified that all proper permitting, engineering, and environmental impacts have been addressed or mitigated. This subsection includes the creation, building, and development of a trail or system of trails on public land, in either an organized or unorganized manner, for the purpose of nonhighway vehicle travel. Driving a nonhighway vehicle on lands that are designated as closed to nonhighway vehicle travel by the land manager is, for the purposes of this subsection, considered a trail building activity.

(5) A violation of subsection (3) of this section is penalized as follows:
(a) A first offense is a misdemeanor with a five hundred dollar fine;
(b) A second offense is a misdemeanor with a two thousand dollar fine; and
(c) Any offense beyond a second offense is a felony with a five thousand dollar fine.
this would effectively end ORV use on all undesignated areas, including logging roads or dispersed wheeling

That kid no longer would have a $87 fine, it would be up there with stealing a car.

The end of snow wheeling unless your rig is street legal, and even then it may be considered 'off-highway'.

No more motorcycles on logging roads, no ATVs, nothing.

We need to make it VERY CLEAR to the legislative committee that this is a BAD amendment. It may very well be the most important thing we've ever had to fight.

find your legislator and send them a clear message, perhaps send a story as well, indicating your displeasure with this. While undesignated ORV use is a problem, it is a small one -- one that should be fixed with appropriate recreation areas, instead of locking us out to the few places that would be legal.
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