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Default New rules 03/2011

1st All Automatic Transmission must have minimum of 3/8 conveyor belting, 1" head of flywheel to tail shaft that is securely fastened, with recommended explosion proof blankets and or bell housing, transmission cover that is SFI approved.

2nd All Competition vehicles are required to have both front and rear drivelines a minimum of inch thick by 1 inch wide with a minimum of 2 inch clearance around driveline, securely fastened. Drive line loop is to be center to 2/3 to front of vehicle.

3rd Fabrication bars: Minimum of 1 5/8 OD tubing with a minimum of 0.090 wall thickness, or 1 tubing with a minimum of 0.120 wall thickness. No Threaded fittings, Aluminum and stainless not allowed.

4th Batteries must have metal hold downs over top of battery. Secured to vehicle OEM mounts accepted in Street & Trail class, battery terminals must be protected (covered) from shorting out.
All above rule are in Effect: Immediately.

Any questions please call Dave Taylor
PNW4WDA Competition Chairman
Home 360-668-0719
Cell 206-491-0909
Diana Stafford
Cascade 4x4s
Overbored Racing
Countyline Offroaders
Region 2 Membership
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