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the bottom two above pictures were taken the first weekend this month (march), back side of frost peak, west fork out of pinehurst. there was alot of snow. it has been snowing off and on since then. i did not replace my u-joints in the front end, they were dry and rusty, when i got in to the rpm's they fell apart. i knew i should have replaced them after sitting for a few years, but i didnt realize they were that bad. so after a winch out and 3 tows up a few hills, i got back home in 2wd. was a fun day!
68' chevy, narrow'd cab 16",frame shortened and boxed, 105" wheel base, 350 sb. th350/205 twin stick. dana 44/corp 12 bolt. 38" bias TSL tires with center tread siped. dual batteries, work in progress
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