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Default Our New Membership Management Program FYI

Hey folks
as a development there is a feature that we created in the MMS=(Membership Management System)
Not only can every individual log in to their account and add kids, remove X's update your address when you move so your Tripower will come to your new address, but What if your not a computer person!

Well we created a Club admin account so that your Designated Club rep can log in and update that info for you!

So what I need from all of you is to take this info back to your Prospective clubs and if your club prefers that you (or someone else) be your club rep I need to know who that person is so I can give them those Privileges!

Thank you, Oh! BTW!

If you want to see what we are working on.

and if you have questions feel free to ask?

1. no your log in for the MMS and the forum are different and not connected at all.

Thank you
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