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Default Government shutdown = Evans Creek closure

Not sure if Bill gets on here, but he posted this on NWW...

Just thought I'd pass this on...

I recieved an email from Bob Pacific, the head ranger for the Evans Creek area informing me that if the pending government shutdown happens it will likely result in the closure of federal recreational lands. This means that Evans Creek, and other national parks and recreation areas will be closed. Below is a copy of the email I recieved.

"Midnight Friday is the deadline for passing a federal budget and it is not looking good at this point. If the goverment shutdown goes into effect, we will likely be directed not to work or volunteer. Some essential services ie) law enforcement will continue but keeping recreation sites open is not one of them. If this is the case, we will likely be locking toilet facilities, closing gates that access federal land whether National Park Service Lands, National Forest Lands etc. This would include Evans Creek and other roads that currently have gates. Some of the public think a goverment shutdown is a good thing and would not effect them personally. Closing access to their favorite recreation site or area is a good example of one thing that would effect them directly. Please pass on to other club members and friends and also to those that need to be reminded that law enforecement will be still be working. Hopefully the shutdown wont happen and I will see you next Tuesday night. "
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