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Originally Posted by Donnie1030 View Post
Has anybody heard of a kit to beef up the weight capacity in the floor of a garage in a toyhauler. I have a 42 foot cyclone fithwheel toy hauler three axels and I would like to hall my tj in but the weight capacity is only 3000... I can beef up the door thats no problem but the floor is a different story..........
I had a toy hauler that we carried a TJ in. Before I bought it I called the factory and asked about hauling the Jeep. They said the weight was fine but I needed to beef up the floor. After running the numbers I decided to use 3/16's inch diamond plate on the floor that ran the length of where the jeep parked. Then I went to the next size up axles because my wife liked to load every compartment. If you need to stiffen the frame, I would bridge it with flat stock at least 1/4 inch thick the same width as the frame. Then use round tube in varying length to make an inverted truss under the frame. Any good shop could do it if it is above your welding/time capabilities. I hope this helps. Your only other option is to get a Motorhome and a trailer. The door may need some beef also. Use Aluminum channel for the door.
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