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Default Ahtanum State Forest Snow Run - April 2011

AWORC Ahtanum State Forest Spring Snow Run
Report by Clay Graham
Photos by Clay Graham and D.J. Scadlock

On April 9th, 2011 the All Wheelers Off Road Club met up at Nasty Creek Corrals to have some snow wheelin' fun at the Ahtanum State Forest. We ran up to Ewe Neck and found it was not passable because of the snow drifts blocked the road. We dropped back down and tried to get up to Whites Ridge 4x4 Trail but the Mid Fork Road was blocked by a big tree at the two mile marker. We did not have a chain saw with us and we could not go around the tree without causing resource damage, so we turned around. We took Whites Ridge Loop Road up but ran into an off camber snow drift section. Three of the rigs cross but turn around since it was kind of hairy for the whole group. We ran over onto Sedge Ridge and had some fun in the deep snow up there. Around 6 PM or so we came back out the South Fork Road. This was a very fun run.

See full report here!
Clay Graham

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